About Debbie


Debbie Mangeney is the founder, owner and Chief Confectioner at Debbie's Delights. Debbie  was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  As a child, Debbie would stand on a stepstool next to her Italian  grandmother, anxious to learn the fine art of cooking and baking. During  these years, she cultivated an appreciation for using only the freshest  ingredients and won praise for her creativity in the kitchen. Her years  of hands-on experience helped her to develop a discriminating palate,  sensitive to the subtle influences of flavors, aroma and texture on how  various foods could be enjoyed. 


Debbie  eventually discovered she had a natural talent for baking and creating  highly coveted desserts, including her signature chocolate confections.  Her passion for making chocolate was ignited!! 

She started by making  gifts for family and friends but found that once people tasted her  chocolate, many wanted to purchase some for gifts and special events. When Debbie moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, her dream of operating her own chocolate business became a reality and Debbie's Delights  was born. 

She says the name reflects her desire to provide a product  that delights the senses


 ...a special treat...an indulgence! With  Debbie's high energy personality and uncompromising attention to  quality, it wasn't long before she was handling orders for corporate  clients, themed event shows and private parties. Says Debbie, "I use  only the finest, all natural ingredients and all my products are  delivered fresh for your enjoyment."

Debbie is so "delighted" to offer her fine handmade confections to all  who desire a richly satisfying experience. As she likes to say, "Make it  a sweet day!"